Enriched with natural ingredients, infused with essential oils and extracts, this line helps to moisturize, and reinstituting natural hydration, while helping to stimulate your skin & hair’s natural glow. Hemp Oil is a natural way to gently cleanse your skin. It provides the skin & hair with fatty acids and proteins needed to moisturize and lock in natural oils, keeping you balanced. When combined with natural oils, such as Argan, Tea Tree, Coconut, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Cherry, both oils work together to help moisturize and revitalize, locking in the vitamins. This oil is fast absorbing without a greasy residue.

Our own labs have spent months developing new and innovative formulas aimed at today’s needs. Infusing natural ingredients to provide our customers with the rich products they are searching for and need. From the lab straight to our own factory we maintain our formula’s integrity and keep a close eye on the development and production of each and every bottle and jar.

As a company, we decided we wanted to create a different and innovative line of products giving this new line a different look and ingredient base. Filled with both a new ingredient on the market which is Hemp and those very familiar and favorite essential oils we have created a line that is bursting with freshness and natural goodness waiting for you to discover. We are sure that you will find yourself fast in love with our skincare, bath & body, and hair care lines and they will find a permanent place in your daily beauty routine.

About Us:

Crystalline Health & Beauty from the Dead Sea Ltd. is an Israeli manufacturer that was established in 1991. Over the years, we have developed prestigious product lines.

Crystalline own a modern, state of the art plant, in size of 100,000 sq ft. our plant processes the whole production chain, from receiving the raw material (mineral, mud, salts, etc.) until delivering the complete product to the customer. The factory is located in Arad, Israel, in the Dead Sea district.



Company capabilities:

  • Research and development lab
  • Quality control lab that monitors all the production process from A to Z
  • Trend department
  • Design department
  • Fully automatic large production capabilities

Crystalline is manufacturing its products under strict standards and procedures. We conform to cGMP, the FDA’s, the European common market, the Israeli Health authority, and some other international standards and protocols.


Natural Therapy products are available in the US, Canada, and the UK markets in over 50 big retailers.