Hemp & Cherry Bubble Bath

Hemp Oil is a natural way to moisturize your skin. Hemp oil provides the skin with fatty acids and proteins needed to gently nourish and protect your skin against dryness, leaving your skin soft, fresh, and supple. When combined with natural extracts, such as Cherry Blossom extract, the oils work together to help soothe and hydrate, locking in the vitamins aiding to protect your skin from daily pollutants. This oil is fast absorbing without a greasy residue. With skin loving ingredients, this bubble bath gently penetrate your skin as it helps to ant oxidize and soothe it, allowing the vitamins and proteins to be absorbed calming both your body and soul.

Paraben Free
Non Animal Tested
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Size: 33.8 fl.oz/1000 ml
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Bubble Bath helps you to let go of stress and lighten your mood. This luxurious and fragrant bubble bath produces a sanctuary of soothing and creamy bubbles leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth and nicely scented. Close your eyes and treat yourself to a calming and relaxing spa-like experience, helping to soothe your body and soul. Experience the luxury of our hemp seed & Cherry Blossom extract bubble bath. This unique, moisturizing formula gently penetrates the skin, leaving every inch of your body anti-oxidized and soothed feeling velvety soft &sensually smooth.
Pour liberally under running water. Rinse with warm water. Our products are not tested on animals, have a shelf life of 24 months from opening, and are all packaged in recyclable jars and bottles.