Smooth and healthy skin

How to achieve smooth and healthy skin

We all know that our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is exposed to heat, cold, wind, snow, and everything else the environment can throw our way. So how do we nurture and protect our skin against all of these variants? What can we use to best take care of our skin? This is what I will be sharing with you in this article. Let’s start with the basics, when we are out in the sun we know to use sunscreen, we know to hydrate our bodies with water and eat correctly in order to give our body the best sustenance. But do you also know how important it is to use mineral-rich soaps and creams? What we use on our skin is very important. I have learned that how I take care of my skin and treat my body determines how healthy and smooth my skin looks and feels. I want to share a bit of my personal routine and explain why I use each product and what benefits my body gets from it. I start my week and end it with a Natural Therapy Salt bath. I do this twice to three times a week depending on my stress levels and the way my skin is feeling. This is something I do year-round. The Dead Sea Salt with Hemp oils and essential oils bath helps to hydrate my skin immensely, but that isn’t all it does! It relaxes my body and while I soak in a rich mineral bath of salts, any muscle aches I felt are completely eradicated. The essential oils that are in the salt relax me completely and I find it a great time to meditate and clear my mind. Once the soaking is over and I wash my skin with my body wash, I can feel how soft my skin has become while soaking in all of the rich minerals. It is literally my miracle time. Another thing I do twice a week is to use Natural therapy Body oil. This has literally changed my life! This product was a game-changer for my skin and the way I feel from neck to toe. Literally, toe because I use this oil on my feet and I do not need to get pedicures anymore. The Natural Therapy body oil nourishes my skin. The range of scents that they have leaves me feeling like I literally just walked out of a spa even though I never left my home! My husband can’t stop caressing my body every time I use this because my skin is extremely soft and supple. Now you are probably thinking, what do you do the rest of the week to take care of your skin? Here is what I use as part of my daily routine: Natural Therapy Body Wash followed by Natural Therapy Body Lotion. There is not a day I do not nourish my skin after a shower with either lotion or body oil to make sure my skin doesn’t dry or suffer from any of the daily pollutants and climate damage that can be done to it. This is how I take care of my skin.