How to take care of your skin in this mask wearing new age?

So, I have talked to a lot of friends, family members, and even my daughters and each one has had different skin reactions to wearing their masks. Since it looks like we will be wearing masks in the near future, I wanted to look into how we can better take care of our skin in this new time. In reading a lot and talking a lot to different people both men and women, I have found that different skin reacts differently to different mask types. Some have an easier time with cotton cloth masks and some actually have a better time with the blue surgical masks. Since life has changed so completely and masks have become a daily part of our life, I have found that applying a little makeup as possible under the mask is best for my skin. I do however start my morning routine with my serum and moisturizer. When I know I am going out and have to have my mask on for a few hours I use my Natural Therapy Hyaluronic Acid serum and Day Cream. I chose them for their significant moisturizing and nourishing benefits because my skin tends to dry when I am wearing my mask. However, if your skin tends to break out while wearing a mask, try the Tea Tree skincare line. If your skin is normal to combination skin I would suggest using Retinol or Collagen skincare line. This is completely about finding what is right for your skin. How should we take care of our skin when we are at home and finally can take off the masks? The first thing you should do when you take off your mask is to wash your hands and then your face. After drying your face, I have found that when I put on my serum I feel my skin relax as it moisturizes. I follow that up with my moisturizer never forgetting to apply some cream behind my ears where the mask was attached all day. It is so important now to take care of ourselves in every way we can. Don’t forget to wash your cloth masks after every use and if you are using cloth masks, make sure they are made from breathable cotton and are at least two layers thick. Let me know how you take care of your skin.